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This Course is designed for candidates who are engineers, designers, drafters and professionals with little or no experience with AutoCAD program.


Course Content​

  • Introduction to AutoCAD: Start with an overview of AutoCAD’s interface and discover its role as a leading CAD software for 2D and 3D design.
  • Basic Drawing and Editing Tools: Explore fundamental drawing and editing tools to create precise and detailed 2D drawings.
  • Advanced Drawing and Editing Techniques: Dive into advanced techniques for complex 2D drafting tasks and effective editing.
  • Parametric Design: Discover parametric design tools to create dynamic and easily modifiable designs.
  • Drafting and Annotation: Master tools for precise dimensioning, text annotation, and professional drawing documentation.
    External References (Xrefs): Learn how to efficiently manage and reference external files in your AutoCAD projects.
  • Collaboration and File Sharing: Explore collaboration tools and techniques for sharing and working on AutoCAD files with team members and clients.
  • Industry-Specific Applications: Tailor your training to industry-specific applications such as architectural, mechanical, or electrical design.
  • 3D Modeling: Transition into 3D design with hands-on experience in creating 3D models and objects.
  • Rendering and Visualization: Learn how to apply materials, lighting, and rendering techniques to bring your 3D models to life.
  • AutoCAD Best Practices: Gain insights into best practices for efficient and organized CAD work.
  • Layouts and Printing: Understand how to create layouts and prepare your drawings for printing and sharing.
  • Certification Preparation: Prepare for Autodesk AutoCAD certification exams to validate your skills and expertise.

Join us on this transformative journey to become an Autodesk AutoCAD expert and unlock the full potential of your design capabilities. Your ability to create precise and visually stunning drawings and models awaits!

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