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ERP - Inventory Control

ERP inventory control course teach you to how to manage your company stock efficiently. AgilePlus Inventory Management module ensures the successful planning and control of your inventory. It enables the supply of materials in right quantity at the right time to internal and external customers. erp inventory control teaches you to manage your company stock system.


Course Content 

  • Vendor Profile
  • Catalog inventory items in Groups and Subgroups
  • Definable advanced properties of the items, such as reorder level, order quantity, minimum stock level, maximum level, maximum discount percentage, and purchase order required or not
  • Tracking of Expiry, batch and serial numbers
  • Handling of Warranty items
  • Support multiple Units of Measure
  • Material issue to Job
  • Facilitates alternate item setting for obsolete or discontinued items
  • Supports Bill of Materials
  • Support multiple Warehouse Locations
  • Stock Adjustment Voucher
  • Linked transactions
  • Generate barcode and print labels
  • Work with barcode scanner
  • Buy in one unit, sell in another. Set and apply conversion factor
  • Stock ageing, slow moving & dead stock analysis
  • Using Weighted average costing method