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Azure Administrator - AZ -104

This course teaches IT Professionals how to manage their Azure subscriptions, secure identities, administer the infrastructure, configure virtual networking, connect Azure and on-premises sites, manage network traffic, implement storage solutions, create and scale virtual machines, implement web apps and containers, back up and share data, and monitor your solution.

Course content

  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals: Begin with a strong foundation in cloud computing principles, cloud service models, and the significance of Microsoft Azure.
  • Azure Administration Basics: Explore the fundamentals of Azure administration, its architecture, and core services.
  • Identity and Access Management: Understand Azure Active Directory, identity management, and access control within Azure.
  • Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks: Dive into Azure virtual machines, virtual networks, and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).
  • Azure Resource Management: Learn how to manage Azure resources, including resource groups, tags, and templates.
  • Azure Storage Solutions: Explore Azure storage services, including Blob storage, Azure Files, and Azure Queues.
  • Azure Networking: Delve into Azure networking services, virtual networks, VPNs, and Azure ExpressRoute.
  • Security and Compliance: Understand Azure security and compliance, including Azure Security Center and compliance standards.
  • Azure Monitoring and Management: Learn how to monitor and manage Azure resources effectively using Azure Monitor and Azure Logic Apps.
  • Azure Virtual Machines: Master Azure virtual machine management, including deployment, scaling, and maintenance.
  • Azure App Services: Explore Azure App Services for web app hosting and deployment.
  • Azure Databases: Learn about Azure database services, including Azure SQL Database and Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Discover hybrid cloud solutions and Azure’s role in connecting on-premises and cloud resources.
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup: Understand disaster recovery strategies and Azure Backup solutions.
  • Exam Preparation: Prepare for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) certification exam.
  • Hands-On Labs: Gain practical experience through hands-on labs and exercises in a live Azure environment.
  • Career Path and Specializations: Explore career opportunities and specializations within the Azure ecosystem.
  • Industry Best Practices: Gain insights into best practices for cloud infrastructure management and administration.
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