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Microsoft Excel

This course is designed for the beginners in Microsoft office excel. The course provides detail description of the basic concepts of excel. At the end of the course one will be able to make simple and complex excel workbooks with calculations and different type of formats.


Course Content

  • Creating Workbooks: Start from scratch and build your own workbooks to organize your data.
  • Saving Workbooks: Learn how to save and manage your work for future reference.
  • Navigating Workbooks: Efficiently move through your spreadsheets with ease.
  • Modifying a Worksheet: Customize and edit your data to meet your specific needs.
  • Working with Rows, Columns, and Cells: Manipulate your data precisely with row and column management.
  • Working with Sheets: Manage multiple sheets within a workbook like a pro.
  • Formulas & Functions: Dive into the world of calculations and data analysis.
  • The Excel Environment: Understand the Excel interface for efficient navigation.
  • Using Functions: Harness the power of Excel’s built-in functions.
  • Formatting: Make your data visually appealing with formatting techniques.
  • Page Setup & Print Options: Master the art of formatting for professional-looking prints.
  • Printing: Optimize your spreadsheets for professional printing.
  • Charts: Create insightful charts to visualize your data.
  • Case Study: Apply your Excel skills in a practical real-world scenario.

Excel proficiency is a valuable asset in today’s data-centric world. Whether you’re a student, professional, or business owner, our Excel Basic Course will empower you to work more efficiently, analyze data effectively, and make informed decisions. Start your journey to Excel mastery today

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