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Microsoft Outlook

 This course is designed for those who wish to understand the basic concepts of Microsoft office outlook applications like, Create and send email messages, Create, categorize and organize Contacts. Schedule and organize Events and Appointments. Schedule Meetings, track replies and send updates. Create, update and manage tasks.


Course content

  • Introduction to Microsoft Outlook: Begin with an overview of Outlook’s interface and understand its role in managing email, calendars, contacts, and tasks.
  • Email Management: Learn how to efficiently manage your email, including composing, sending, receiving, organizing, and prioritizing messages.
  • Calendar Management: Explore calendar features, such as scheduling appointments, meetings, and events, and setting reminders and notifications.
  • Email Efficiency Tools: Explore email efficiency tools, including rules, filters, and folders to automate and organize your inbox.
  • Search and Organization: Learn advanced search techniques and folder organization to locate and manage emails and data efficiently.
  • Email Signatures and Templates: Create professional email signatures and templates for consistent and branded communication.
  • Calendar Sharing and Collaboration: Understand how to share calendars and collaborate on appointments and meetings with colleagues.
  • Email Security and Privacy: Implement email security practices, including encryption, spam filters, and secure email handling.
  • Mobile and Web Access: Access your Outlook data from mobile devices and web browsers for on-the-go productivity.
  • Best Practices and Time Management: Gain insights into email and time management best practices to boost productivity.
  • Certification Preparation: Prepare for Microsoft Outlook certification exams to validate your skills and expertise.

Join us on this transformative journey to become a Microsoft Outlook expert, and unlock the full potential of email and personal information management. Your path to better communication and enhanced productivity awaits!

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