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Computer Networking

Computer Networking is designed for those classes of individuals who have great ambition to build up a career on Computer Hardware and Networking. With sufficient theory classes and hands-on lab sessions they will be equipped with the technical expertise and experience in assembling computer, installing Operating System & other Application Software, configuring Wired and Wireless Network, implementing local and network security, configuring internet, troubleshooting etc. Suitable job designations are Network Administrator, System Administrator, Help Desk Administrator, Computer Service Engineer and IT Support Engineer.

Duration: 24 Hrs

Computer Networking​ course content

  • OSI Model
  • Network Protocol Overview
    • TCP/IP
  • IP Address class
  • Assembling & Cabling and Topology
  • Switching Fundamentals
  • Configuring Hyper Terminal
  • Workgroup Creation
  • Understanding User Profile
  • User Profile Migration from old PC to new PC (Outlook, Desktop, My Documents and Favorites)
  • Folder & Printer sharing
  • Network Drive
  • Sync Center, Offline File Sharing
  • NTFS & Sharing Permissions
  • Windows Firewall
    • Domain network location settings
    • Home or work (private) network location settings
    • Public network location settings
  • Network Printer Setup
  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote Assistance
  • ADSL Router Configuration
    • Setting up router in PPPoE & PPPoA mode
    • Setting up router in Bridge mode (for topology with firewall as default gateway)
  • Network Level Troubleshooting


  • Wireless Network Access
  • WEP & WPA2 Protocol
  • Security in wireless networking
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