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Advanced C++ Programming

Advanced C++ Programming course is intended for those who wish to learn advanced programming concepts. C++ training course presents a thorough introduction to object – oriented programming in C++ for basic programmers. It effectively designed to upgrade your programming chops into expert – level territory.

Duration : 24 Hrs

Advanced C++ Programming

Advanced C++ Programming Course content

  • Introduction
  • Functions in C++
    • Functions
    • Inline functions
    • Default Arguments
    • Function overloading
    • Friend Functions and Virtual functions
  • Classes and Objects
    • Class and Member Functions
    • Method definition
    • Inline Implementation
    • Nesting member functions
  • Constructors and Destructors
    • Constructors
    • Parameterized Constructors
    • Multiple constructors with in a class
  • Operator Overloading and Type Conversions
    • Defining operator overloading
    • Overloading Unary and Binary Operators
  • Inheritance
    • Definition of inheritance
    • Types of Inheritance
  • Polymorphism and Virtual Functions
    • Pointers to Objects
    • this pointer
    • Virtual Functions
  • Managing Console I/O Operations
    • C++ Streams
  • Working with files
    • Introduction
    • Sequential Input Output Operations
    • Updating a File:Random Access
    • Error Handling
    • Command Line Arguments
  • Exception handling
    • Introduction
    • Basic of Exception Handling
    • Exception Handling Mechanism
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