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Advanced Java Programming

Advanced Java Programming course is designed to those who wish to increase their depth of knowledge in Java programming. Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of Object Oriented programming and how they are successfully applied in Java through classroom-based training and practical exercises.

Duration : 24 Hrs

Advanced Java Programming

Advanced Java Programming​ course content

  • Overview of JAVA Language
    • Constants, Variables, and Data Types
    • Operators and Expressions
    • Decision Making and Branching
    • Decision Making and Looping
  • Classes, Objects and Methods
    • Introduction
    • Overriding Methods.
    • Final variables and Methods.
    • Final Classes and Finalizer methods.
    • Abstract methods and Classes
  • Interfaces: Multiple Inheritance
    • Defining Interfaces.
    • Extending Interfaces.
    • Implementing Interfaces.
  • Packages: Putting Classes Together
    • JAVA API Packages.
    • Using System Packages.
    • Creating Packages.
    • Accessing a Package.
    • Using a Package.
  • Multithreaded Programming
    • Creating Threads.
    • Extending the Thread Class.
    • Life Cycle of a thread.
    • Thread Exceptions.
    • Thread priority.
  • Managing Errors and Exceptions
    • Type of Errors.
    • Multiple Catch Statements.
    • Using finally Statements.
    • Throwing our own exceptions.
  • Applet Programming
    • Building Applet Code
    • Applet life Cycle.
    • Creating an Executable Applet.
    • Designing a Web Page.
    • Applet tag.
    • Adding Applet to HTML File.
    • Running the Applet.
  • Graphics Programming
    • The Graphics Class.
    • Line and Rectangles.
    • Circles and Ellipses.
    • Drawing Arcs.
    • Drawing Polygons.
  • Managing Input/output Files in JAVA
  • JDBC – Java Database Connectivity
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