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C Programming

C programming course is intended for those who wish to learn C Language concepts. This training course provides students with a foundation knowledge of the C Language required to build stand-alone applications.

Duration : 20 Hrs

C Programming

C Programming Course content

  • Introduction to C Language.
    • Uses of C Language.
    • Advantages of C Programming.
    • Uses of C Programming.
  • Installation of C Compiler.
    • The concept of Compiler.
    • Download C Compiler.
    • C Compiler Installation on Windows.
  • The Structure of C Programs.
    • Documentation
    • Preprocessor statements.
    • Global Declaration.
    • The Main() Method.
    • User Defined Functions.
    • Sample Programs.
  • How To Compile and Execute a C Program.
    • Steps to Compile a C Program.
    • Steps to Execute a C Program.
    • Simple Example Programs.
  • C Data Types.
    • The Data Types available in C Language.
    • Data types and variable declaration.
    • Sample Programs to understand the Concept of Data Types.
  • C Variable Declaration.
    • Use of Variables in C.
    • Rules for selecting Variable names.
    • Variable declaration.
    • Variable Definition and Initialization.
    • Variable assignments.
  • Keywords in C Language.
    • The concept of keyword.
    • The list of Keywords in C Language.
  • Constants in C Programming.
    • Constant definition in C Language.
    • Types of C Constants.
  • Operators in C Language.
    • Arithmetic Operators.
    • Increment and Decrement Operators.
    • Relational Operators.
    • Logical Operators.
    • Bitwise Operators.
    • Assignment operators.
    • Miscellaneous Operators.
  • C Format Specifiers.
    • Integer format specifiers.
    • Float format specifier.
    • Character format specifier.
    • String format specifier.
    • Unsigned Format specifier
    • Long Integer format Specifier.
    • Sample Programs to understand the Concept.
  • C Preprocessors.
    • The Preprocessor Directives.
    • C Preprocessor Examples.
  • The Concept of Type casting.
    • The concept of C Type casting
    • Examples of Type Casting.
  • The Concept of Custom Header Files in C.
    • The concept of Custom header files in C.
    • The steps to create a Custom header file.
    • Example Programs.
  • Introduction to C Controls.
    • Decision making statements.
    • Conditional; Statements.
    • Simple Example Programs.
  • Sample Programs.
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