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Microsoft Excel VBA

Excel VBA is the perfect introduction to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and shows, how to use it to enhance Excel. It helps to learn how to work with the key objects and uncover the best ways to gain access to workbook, worksheets and many more. The person who have proficient knowledge of Microsoft Excel can learn this course to improve their computing skills using the excel.

Duration :  30 Hrs

Excel VBA

Microsoft Excel VBA Course Content

  • Introduction & Basics of Macro
    • Introducing Visual Basic for Applications
    • Displaying Developer tab
    • Recording a Macro
    • Saving a Macro Enabled work book
    • Running a macro
    • Editing a Macro in Visual Basic editor
    • Understanding the development environment
    • Understanding Macro Security
  • Working with Procedures and Functions
    • Understanding Module
    • Creating Standard Module
    • Understanding Procedure
    • Creating Procedure
    • Creating Sub Procedures
    • Calling Procedures
    • Making function procedure
    • Using the code editor
  • Objects
    • Understanding objects and collections
    • Using the object browser
    • Working with properties
    • Understanding and using methods
    • Event and Event procedure
  • Expressions & Variables
    • Data types
    • Declaring variables
    • Using Message box and Input Box
    • Declaring and using object variables
  • Controlling the program execution
    • Decision Making Statements
    • IF…….else
    • Select case
    • Looping Statements
    • Do…..Loop
    • For….To….Next
    • For Each…..Next
  • User Forms & Controls
    • Understanding user form
    • Using the toolbox
    • Setting properties and adding codes to the controls
    • Launching a form in code.
  • Debugging & Error handling
    • Understanding errors and using debugging tools
    • VBA’s error trapping options
    • The On Error statement
    • Error Handling routines
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