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Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is intended for those who want to learn the concepts of relational databases. How to use the building blocks of the access to design a database management system. This course gives a good understanding of the basic components of the software development.

Duration :  20 Hrs

Microsoft Access Course Content

  • Introduction to Database Management System
  • Introduction to MS Access
  • Understanding Database
    • Create
    • Open
    • Close
    • Change Location
  • Screen Layouts
  • Use of Help functions
  • Database Objects-Table,Query,Forms,Reports
    • Create
    • Navigation
    • Add, Modify, Delete, Undo, Save and Close
    • View Modes
  • Table Design
    • Data types
    • Primary Key
    • Validations
    • Field Properties
    • Sort and Filter
  • Relationship between Tables
  • Query Design
    • Single table query
    • Two Table Queries
    • Select Queries
    • Create, Modify and Edit Queries
    • Add Criteria using logical operators
    • Use wild cards in query
    • Hide and Show fields
    • Remove fields from query design
  • Forms
    • Create and name a form
    • Add, modify text in headers, footers in a form
    • Form Operations
    • Search
    • Add, Modify and Delete data in a record
    • Filtering
  • Reports
    • Create and name a report based on a table
    • Change arrangements of fields and headings
    • Add, modify text in headers, footers in a report
    • Create and name a report based on a query
    • Functions in report
    • Data Import and export by using Excel
    • Print a report
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