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Microsoft Access VBA

Access VBA Training course is designed for experienced Access 2007/2010 users who want to learn advanced VBA programming. In the course students will exchange data with other applications, automate business processes by using VBA code, and learn how to find and fix errors in VBA code.

Duration :  30 Hrs

Access VBA

Microsoft Access VBA Course Content

  • Introduction & Basics
    • Access Application
    • The development process
    • Macro / VBA
    • The VBA IDE
  • Creating the code in VB IDE
    • Naming Convections
    • Variables and Data types
    • Constants and intrinsic constants
    • Built-in functions
    • Procedure declaration
    • Subroutines and functions
    • Modules
    • Procedures
    • Operators and operands
  • Controlling the execution of Program
    • Control Structures
    • Decision Making
    • Looping
    • Object browser
    • Special Objects
    • Properties of Objects
    • Events of Objects
    • The DAO
    • DAO V/s ADO
  • Enhance Table, Form and Reports using VBA
    • Table creation (Using SQL)
    • Selecting, Closing, Opening, Deleting a table
    • Opening, Closing, Deleting, Navigating through a Form
    • Opening, Closing, Deleting, Formatting a report
    • Switch Board in MS Access
    • Searching the Database by user defined conditions
  • Authenticating User
    • Security
    • Record Locking
    • Multiple Users With different Privileges
    • The DBA
  • Error Handling and Debugging
    • Error handling
    • Debugging
    • Types of errors
    • Testing
    • Planning for errors
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